Audrey Armand was born in 1979 in Reims, France.
She lives and works in Reims.


Audrey Armand entered the Paris école des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts) at the age of
19; after working in various studios she settled into that of Christian Boltanski, and it was
thanks to his attentive teaching over a number of years that Audrey Armand learned to
develop her own personal universe and the basis of her future creativity.
During her time there she developed her work around photographic and sound installations,
exploring her own personal universe derived from an education grounded in the Christian
faith, supernatural research and religious practice, whose precious inheritance she explores
in „these many beauties, flowers of my childhood“. The weight of this legacy and its tangible
links with reality have led her to a timeless re-interpretation of the world, of colours and the

It was with an affectionate distancing, a fertile questioning of the imaginary and a great poetic
vitality that she graduated from the Paris Beaux Arts in 2003 under the direction of Christian
Boltanski, and has continued her research through projects either personal or related to
various encounters, commissions or her travels.

She has exhibited regularly, with projects both in France and abroad.
Her ongoing research has led her to develop other aspects related to her own personal
history. Thus, in 2006, she spent several months re-immersing herself in the atmosphere of
her parents’ home. She interrogated the closed universe of her family unit and its relation to
the outside world through an observation and deciphering of the physical space: the house,
the garden, and the immediate neighbourhood.

Three works came out of this period of research: “Dobra Noc, Moja Kochana…* Good night,
my love…” (installation / Frac Champagne-Ardenne 2007), “Jardin clos” (photographic series
2006 / ongoing) and “ma maison voisine *my neighbour’s house” (artist’s book / Filigranes
Editions 2008).

Since 2008, she has undertaken a new series of studies in the wake of themes previously
touched upon, developing new forms (16 mm film, video…) in order to develop this sensitive
exploration. It is thus that the cinematographic works „la caresse“ and „flowers of nowhere“
were born (created during two „Ecritures de Lumière“ residencies, Ministère de la Culture et
de la Communication).

In February 2010, after a residency of two years at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris,
Audrey Armand again set off on the traces of her past. It was in Croatia and Bosnia-
Herzegovina that she created her artist’s book “Miracle-Oracle” (Filigranes Editions), a project
that had been patiently matured and conceived over a number of years…
In 2013, during a long illness which left the artist bedridden for nearly three years, using an
iPhone, between her hospital bed and her home, she created, with her mother, her most
recent artist’s book „mouvement à quatre mains pour mère et fille *duet for mother and
daughter“ (Filigranes Editions – 2015).
There are no tears here nor self-pity; colour explodes like the life-drive of a soul saturated in
Joy, Beauty and Love to be shared with others.

2016 will see the publication of the artist’s book „La douce dormition“ (Filigranes Editions).
Also created with an Iphone, in 2014, Audrey Armand, thanks to this random but malleable
medium, manages to adapt, perfectly and successfully, to the difficult work conditions
imposed upon her.


Audrey Armand is represented :

since October 2008, by Filigranes Editions (Paris-France)
since July 2008, by the galerie KunstBüroBerlin (Berlin-Germany)
since July 2010 by the Galerie des Comptoirs Arlésiens (Arles-France)



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